How Investment Hub Works

Our mission is to facilitate the introduction of businesses seeking to raise equity capital with sophisticated investors with the minimum of bureaucracy, cost and time delays.


Our aim is to bring together businesses seeking finance with sophisticated high net worth individuals. We will provide introductions to investors that are investment-ready, have robust and sound business plans and meet the individual criteria of the investors.

The Hub will review business plans free of charge and inform you if we can introduce investors that ‘can do the deal’. We assist businesses that require investment by working with them to prepare the business plan and when ready, will match the funding requirements with the appropriate investors.

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Step 1

Create your Business Plan

The first step in seeking funding is to prepare a great business plan. This will identify, amongst other things, what your capital requirements are likely to be and whether those requirements should be in the form of working or permanent (equity) investment.

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Step 2

Plan reviewed by the Hub

The next step is for the Investment Hub to review the business plan and ensure that it is ‘investment-ready’ and appropriately written for review by our investors.

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Step 3

Submit summary to selected investors

A summary of the business plan is then sent to our investor group who have been identified as wanting to invest in your business’ activities.

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Step 4

Introduction to investor

We will introduce suitable investors to your management team who will liaise with investors and assist them in fully understanding your business, its capital requirements and the returns they might expect to receive.

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Step 5

Agree investment terms

Once the parties have committed to the investment, a date will then be agreed for completion and the funding will be paid directly to you.

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Step 6

Post-Investment Monitoring

Once the funding has been provided, we are able to provide a monitoring service and reporting facility to all stakeholders on the performance of the business.

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